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Lemon or Lime Water for Healing and Healthy Detoxification

Did you know that by taking one simple action every day you can support your body including your liver's work of removing toxins from your body? It's inexpensive and tastes great! I'm talking about drinking lemon or lime water. Read on to learn more.

There is a simple action that can support the entire body, reduce the chance of #illness and #disease and slow the #aging process. It only takes a few minutes of time and costs less than a dollar. It restores #electrolytes and #hydrates and #alkalinizes the body, which can help prevent #cancer. It #cleanses the organs and supports the liver’s ability to remove #toxins that make their way into our bodies from our air, food, water, and other sources. Plus, it has the added bonus of tasting good! I am talking about the simple practice of drinking #lemon or #lime water. Squeeze half a lemon or 1 lime into a 16-ounce glass of purified water. Drink it and then, ideally, repeat. Add a teaspoon of raw, unprocessed #honey if you like to help offset the sour flavor and provide additional #healing benefits.

This may sound too simple to make a difference, yet that is not the case. Lemon and lime trees have deep roots that are better able to extract #nutrients from the soil. This results in fruit with high quality #minerals such as highly absorbable #calcium, along with significant amounts of #VitaminC and #antioxidant #flavonoids. These nutrients provide the basis for its strong #healing powers.

It is especially helpful for the liver if lemon or lime water is consumed first thing in the morning. Then wait 20-30 minutes before eating or drinking anything else. This will allow time for it to help flush toxins out of the body that the liver has removed during the night. Done on a regular basis, you can see positive changes in your #health.

Don’t be afraid of adding raw honey to your lemon or lime water. The natural, healthy sugar found in honey makes it easier for the vitamins and minerals from the fruit juice to get inside cells where they are needed.

Plus, raw, unprocessed honey has many health benefits of its own. It is choke full of #phytochemicals that #bees pick up from the variety of flowers that they visit and bring back to the hive. The plant nutrients found in honey allow it to help in many ways, such as soothe a #sorethroat and provide relief from a #cough. They support the #immunesystem so it can more effectively fight off #viruses and harmful #bacteria. Even rubbing honey on minor cuts or scrapes can help prevent infection and aid healing. But remember, honey should not be given to children under 12 months of age.

Health doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. It just requires conscious healthy decisions that are practiced on a regular basis, like this one.

Knowledge is power. Here’s to your health.

Karen Gutierrez, PhD, RN, Advanced Holistic Nurse

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