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Holistic Health Consulting 


Follow Up



Package: 1 Initial

& 2 Follow Up

Initial Consultation

60-75 minutes| $130

Picture of a bowl of Healthy food and a telephone

60-75 minutes

Take the first step to achieve your health goals by setting up an initial consultation with me. In this session, I will listen to your story and your health concerns. I will help you understand what is at the core of your health issues and work with you to develop a plan using nutrition, herbs and/or supplements to support your body so that it can heal.  


Initial Consultation

Follow Up Appointment

45 min. | $100

Picture of holding hands in meadow

45 minutes


Schedule a follow-up appointment for support to help you achieve your health goals. In the follow up appointment, I will follow up with how you are feeling, answer any questions, discuss any concerns or barriers you may be experiencing in achieving your health goals, and work with you to make adjustments to your nutrition and herbal medicine plan if needed.  Just click Follow Up Appointment to contact me.

Follow Up Appointment

Package: 1 Initial & 2 Follow Up

Cost savings while receiving the support you need

$300 for package

PIcture of herbs and spices on a table

1 Initial 60 minute and 2 follow up 45 minute appointments

This package provides cost savings for your convenience and includes 1 initial 60 minute appointment and 2 follow up 45 minute appointments for additional support.  Just click Package to contact me.

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